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I've got a dream worth more than sleep.

My nails are really shitty done cows right now 🐮 #nails #nailpolish #nailart #cows #notd

Downtown Anchorage this morning 💙💛💙 w/ @denalivalentina



Here’s the thing about being pro choice that people don’t get…
You don’t have to morally agree with abortion to be pro choice. That’s why it’s not called pro abortion. It’s an understanding that you can’t make that choice for someone else and they have full control over that not you. It’s pro I’m not the boss of everyone else.

This is important.

// Don’t forget that this week marks the anniversary of another tragedy:


September 16-18, 1982 - The massacres at Sabra and Shatila. Depending on the source any where between 700-3500 were killed.


A miniature of a young woman making an offer at the altar of Love, circa 1785.

[credit: © Binoche et Giquello]


It’s important to make friendships that are deeper than gossiping and drinking and smoking and going out.

Make friends who you can go get breakfast with, make friends you can cry with, make friends who support your life goals and believe in you.


Drawing the stock market, Madrid. I love this columns.



So… I was giving some jelly to my cat


My phone started ringing. Forgetting that I was holding the spoon I took the phone.

I never heard the spoon hitting the floor…



they are evolving


"Ollie finally grew into his bow tie." -taylor1021

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